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Hear everything. Studio monitors allow you to accurately hear everything that's going on in your tracks so you can produce, mix, and master your tracks perfectly. Studio monitor speakers are needed for when accurate audio reproduction is crucial. What's more, you'll get a two-year warranty included with every new purchase at Gear4music.

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About Studio Monitors

Studio Monitor speakers are essential when mixing audio to a professional standard. They give a flat response and are designed to output an unbiased sound, so that the user can mix accurately and true to the recorded material. 

Subwoofers are speaker cabinets that are dedicated to reproducing low frequencies. They are sometimes used with nearfield speakers to compensate for the limitations sometimes found on smaller models of studio monitors.

Active and Passive are the main two types of speakers. Active speakers have internal amplifiers making them more portable than passive speakers. Passive speakers need an external amplifier to drive the speakers and are well suited for permanent installations. Many people prefer the control that passive speakers provide and the ability to mix and match these speakers with different amps.

Studio Monitor News

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24 Jan 2019 16:05

NAMM 2018: Focal Shape Twin Studio Monitor Has Twice the Audio Coverage

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NAMM 2018: ADAM Audio's New Highly Affordable T-Series Studio Monitors

ADAM Audio has released the new T-Series studio monitors: delivering high fidelity sound at an affordable price-point... More  »

22 Jan 2018 16:23